Event information for Waldoman LAN XXWhatever - 11-8-2014

This LAN party theme will be "Roll the Dice". Here's how it works!
- Players will be given "tokens" along with admission, and can earn more by challenging your friends, competing in tournaments and WML challenges.
- Tokens can be redeemed for a roll of the "WML dice game" for a chance to win bawls and bigger WML-style prizes ;)
- There will be a betting event where players can bet against WML in attempt to win more tokens from WML - This event will likely be several CPU vs CPU match-ups in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Rules / What to bring: See Rules Page
Date & Time: 11-8-2014. 10am - 11pm
Location: Royal Scot, 4722 W. Grand River Ave, Lansing, MI 48906 19th hole room - Middle door on building facing Grand River Ave.
Cost: $10
Food: Carrots, Snacks, Soda, Water, & Pizza dinner provided

  • - (Wii) 2v2 Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament - No items, 5 stock

  • - 2v2 Backdoor Bounce Tournament - Official!

  • - (PC) 5v5 CS:GO Tournament - Stock maps

  • Prize info to be announced soon!

    GAMES / Other
  • Chivalry LAN communism!

  • DiveKick

  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • We will have an Oculus DK2 for your amusement!